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Reuters historic footage now at British Pathé

British Pathé is now representing Reuters historic footage filmed before 1980.  Looking on the site it shows just over 123K clips available -70K black and white and 50K colour-  and media professionals will have their usual Pathé access to free archive research and free low-resolution files for use as screeners.

This new deal encompasses complete, fully-digitised collections from early cinema newsreels from 1910 to 1959, including Gaumont Graphic, Empire News Bulletin, British Paramount, and Gaumont British, as well as Visnews content from 1957 to 1979.
The newsreels, cinemagazines and documentaries feature such highlights from the late-19th and 20th centuries such as  the Titanic setting off from Belfast, the Russian Tsar and his family, the suffragettes in their battle for the vote, the evacuation of Dunkirk, the women workers in Britain’s factories during the wars, the coronation of Elizabeth II, decolonisation and independence on the continent of Africa, the Beatles taking the world by storm, Vietnam, Watergate, and Thatcher’s rise to power.

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