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Reuters photo feed now uploading to Alamy

Alamy customers can now access news, politics, entertainment and sports images direct from Reuters …uploading now

Note: Reuters via Alamy will be available into the USA, UK, Canada, Latin America, Ireland, Africa and the Middle East …images have a 48 hr embargo.

A smart move by both photo giants, could this be Alamy’s answer and big push to start providing a solid live news images feed it promised years ago?
Acquired recently by the Press Association in the UK Alamy is really starting to grow …and the feedback up to date to PAN indicates the original contributors to Alamy are happy with the new owners …no rev share % cuts which makes a nice change considering the dreadful cuts one ‘big’ agency made recently.

And here’s a question …will PA be getting Reuters images for more than local use? Alan the Boss at Alamy sent PAN an answer: “This is an Alamy deal”.

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  • Hey Will – just to pick up on the point about this possibly providing an enhanced live news feed for Alamy – the Reuters images will not be going into Alamy’s Live News feed – after the 48hr embargo they will go into the main collection (which is what happens with Alamy’s own Live News images also).

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