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Updated: Rex Features gets a new name

Today Rex Features has rebranded to Shutterstock Editorial …take a look
Shutterstock say: ‘The global rebranding process today is primarily cosmetic focused (updated logo, email and website copy) and will have a minimal effect on the day-to-day workflow of our customers, contributors and partners. Our team is committed to growing our business and delivering an enriched experience for all.’

Here’s the Shutterstock/Rex logo since 2015

Since 2015, we have been working toward the goal of expanding our editorial collection and service to customers around the world. Over the past four years, our talented Editorial team has built a robust offering, becoming a premier source of editorial images for the world’s media. Today, Shutterstock Editorial reflects a rich legacy coupled with the power of Shutterstock technology to deliver a formidable brand presence in the editorial marketplace. As part of this global initiative, Rex Features in the UK will begin conducting business as “Shutterstock Editorial”.

The Rex Features image credit will change to ‘Shutterstock’

PAN 2015 Shutterstock acquires Rex Features

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UPDATE 5 June: This in from John Selby:
I grew up as a child of Fleet Street, spending much of my early and teenage years living and breathing the excitement of the photo-agency business of the ’60s and ’70s, learning about all aspects of press photography and selling photographs to the media. I joined Rex Features full-time in 1976 after doing a business degree at Manchester University, and was to spend my whole working life dedicated to working in and helping to grow and run the fantastic company set up by our parents at the end of 1953.

We saw many changes to the industry over the decades and had to keep ahead of the game and the changing technology, but it was a lot of fun. The industry changed most drastically from the ’90s onwards with digitisation and, although this gave the opportunity for exponential growth for our company, eventually by the early-2000s it was becoming more and more difficult to maintain the Rex ethos and reputation, established by our parents, of ensuring our photographer-suppliers were looked after fairly, with openness, complete honesty and, most importantly, received payment for each and every publication. 

It was a difficult decision for the family to part with the old firm in 2011, and perhaps even harder to see it taken over by Shutterstock in 2015, but it has been heartening nevertheless to see the name of Rex live on until now. It’s sad that the name itself will soon be just a mere memory after 66 years, but we take comfort in the knowledge that there are many who cut their teeth at Rex who are still working in the industry, and some of our long-serving colleagues remain with the company.

We are very proud that the solid foundation of the business the family built up over many decades is still going strong, and we wish all those we know who are still with the company the best for the future with “Shutterstock Editorial”, formerly known as Rex Features.

John Selby, former MD and co-owner of Rex Features

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  • This was always going to happen. However it is still sad to see such a well respected and important name from the ‘golden era’ of photo agencies disappear.

  • The original Rex was a magical picture agency we all loved and adored it had a wonderful staff I used to go in there and always feel such a comfort
    However when the digital spaceship arrived to eradicate the world of slides and analogue
    Rex like all the other agencies needed to change and many of us suffered however The truth is without Shutterstock Rex would probably of slowly passed away
    So we have to thank the American tech genius who decided to buy Rex and re invent the brand we all loved.
    Mr and Mrs Selby will be very pleased to see their brand carrying on with the support of the inspiration of Shutterstock
    As a photographer and a picture agency opener I salute Shutterstock for their forward thinking.

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