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Searching for Lebanese photographer George Semerdjian – rights to clear

Is this your image? Bride Areej Estephan and Abed Joumaa June 1983 by George Semerdjian

• Update 21 October 2020: Please direct all usage requests and usage fees for this image to:

Update Aug 10: Found Thank you to all PAN readers who replied! Great info on the photographer and photo libraries of Lebanon. The copyright owner has been located: “The copyright for George’s pictures is his daughter and I’m coordinating  with her for her father’s archive. How can i help you?”

BBC News Stills are looking to clear the image above …now!

“Hello Will, I was hoping to be able to track down a photo taken by a Lebanese photographer – George Semerdjian – who died in 1990’s. 
It seems to be an iconic image so I’m amazed that it’s been so hard to track down. The key thing is to hear from the copyright holder.’ I don’t know if that’s the family or if he was commissioned and it actually belongs to a newspaper paper / press org…”

“As well as the organisations I mentioned earlier I’ve also contacted in Lebanon – I believe they have published this image.I’ve tried contacting the Farhat Museum …there is a reference to the lebanese photo bank but that seems to take me no-where that helps.  I’ve also tried to find a current contact for The Syndicate of Journalists that he was associated with, and have tried to contact his daughter via Facebook.”

If you own the copyright contact Thanks

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