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SilverHub boosts it’s celebrity photo offering – acquires Flynet Pictures

One of the best known names in the celebrity photo gathering arena Splash just got a boost.
SilverHub – who acquired Splash in December 2016 – have now acquired celebrity photo agency Flynet Pictures

On Flynet Pictures: ‘Flynet was founded in February 2011 by Danny Hayward, Simon Bridger and John Churchill, Flynet’s aim is always to deliver exciting exclusive content. The business is built from a photographer’s point of view, ensuring transparency of usages and sales. Flynet was the first agency to introduce ‘seven day payments’ for exclusive content that led many others to follow. The business has grown year on year and is now firmly established as one of the UK’s leading entertainment  picture agencies, providing exclusive content to all the UK media outlets.’

Nick Evans-Lombe, Co-founder and CEO of SilverHub on the Flynet purchase: “Bringing such a successful and innovative business like Flynet into SilverHub to work with Splash will enable us to provide an even better service to our editorial customers, as well as delivering to freelancers everywhere a definitive destination for their celebrity content. We are excited about Flynet and their strong team joining up with Splash, and with their help continuing to grow and develop our wider business.”


Danny Hayward -photo- at the Flynet UK HQ, told PAN over the weekend: “If the history of Splash teaches us anything, it’s an agency that adapts and endures; bringing Flynet together with Splash continues to provide the leading destination for photographers and publishers alike.”

Adrian Murrell, Co-founder of SilverHub, “This merger creates a management team with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the photographic industry which will benefit photographers and clients alike. We will not lose sight of the fact that this is a ‘people business’.”

John Churchill, Co-founder of Flynet, said “As the market continues to consolidate, our ambition for growth and the desire to see our great content being used by more customers worldwide has led us to seek a partner who can match our ambition. In SilverHub, we have found our partner.”

Montage: A few of Flynet’s most famous front page newspaper usages

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Congratulations to all …hey Danny – looking forward to hearing a lot more on Splash over the next few months…

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