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Splash News founder launches new photo agency – ‘The Mega Agency’ Exclusive

Kevin Smith has been in touch with PAN and confirmed our investigations …he is the owner of The Mega Agency: “Will, you ruined my chance of a great surprise, but well done for tracking it down. Yes, we will be launching a new agency for the new era of news. It won’t be the same as Splash – it will be…
Full details here Confirmed: Splash Founder Kevin Smith launches new photo agency

Just a day before the UK Picture Editors’ Guild Awards event in London – and news has reached the PAN office of a new agency – called ‘The Mega Agency’ – is picking up the bar tab at the event! The Awards evening draws picture editors from all sides of the industry, with stunning imagery vying for the prestigious accolades.
PAN has done some digging around and we may be sticking our neck on the line here the agency domain name is registered to Kevin Smith …and Companies House has a new firm being registered ‘The Mega Agency for Content’, with the owner listed Kevin Smith of California. We are guessing it’s Kevin Smith who started Splash News before selling it to Corbis four years ago. One thing we can confirmed is former Getty Images executive Tom Tramborg is CEO of The Mega Agency.
Smith, left, at his first photo agency Splash, someone send us a new photo please!
Below, the home page of his next agency The Mega Agency.

‘We’ve done it before: and now we’re doing it again.’
Details on the agency website puts the business firmly in content, photo and video. Staff experienced in news, technical, sales and royalties are in place in the United States, Europe and Australia.
Their Mission Statement reads: ‘Time for a change? We think so. Time for a fresh approach? Most definitely. ONE agency: ONE mission. Putting YOU at the heart of our business.

A business run by people who are passionate about the industry. We’ve done it before: and now we’re doing it again. Only this time, we’ll be bigger, better and smarter.

In a rapidly changing media world, you need an agency that’s on your side. An agency staffed by experienced news, technical, sales and royalties professionals across the United States, Europe and Australia. Professionals with proven track records who are always on hand to help you and also serve the needs of our extensive clientele. Our business will define the next generation of media agencies.

A technological powerhouse utilising advance tools and technologies to deliver your content across the globe faster than ever before. Implementing new media technologies and ad revenue initiatives ensures we stay ahead of the game.

It’s time. Are you ready to make THE change? Don’t get left behind.


• will be at the Picture Editors Awards so we will have more on story then, check back Friday.
• Our emails to Kevin weren’t returned at the time of going to press …but we know he landed in London yesterday and if you spot him don’t mention the Arsenal / Barcelona score!
• Search all Kevin Smith/Splash News articles on PAN

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