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Splash Register 5m Celeb Images Archive & Increased Daily Feed

Jackson Lee/Splash News: ‘most downloaded image in February’

Candid celebrity news agency Splash is reporting a continued growth with images being added to and (Splash was acquired by Corbis last summer) at a rate of 5,000 a day, up from 3,000 a day a year ago. Their celebrity image archive is now five million images deep.
They say ‘Last month Splash saw a spike in activity on the site when news broke of Whitney Houston’s death – but she still wasn’t the most searched name. Rihanna was the most sought after celebrity, followed by, in descending order, Whitney, Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé and Katy Perry. Chris Brown is the first male to appear in the download league.’
The most downloaded image in February was of Beyoncé seen for the first time since the birth of her baby shot by New York photographer Jackson Lee outside a Manhattan nightclub. – above – is searchable in seven languages, and typically has over 600 people logged in at any one time, around the clock. Additionally, there are more than four million images downloaded a year.
“I think the statistics speak for themselves,” Splash president Kevin Smith told “Splash is the number one destination for celebrity news, and when news breaks, it is where publishers around the world look for the content to inform their readers.”