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View: 3D photographer Ethel Davies launches own publishing house – see the first book

Sof, feeling the 3D …no phone in sight!
Harry – Minecraft on hold – absorbing the 3D

A brand new photo book published by PAN reader 3D travel photographer Ethel Davies reached the office this week. Our copy was snapped up and digested by the TikTok-teenagers and their friends …phones down! Good work Ethel …certainly a book for all the family.

There are three books in this new self published series – Ethel told us,
Hi Will –

I’ve finally set up my own publishing company (Double Vision Publishing) featuring my anaglyphs, in themed form. I had been waiting for amazon to start listing the works and they’ve finally verified me. Hence I’m starting to promote the books in earnest.
Could I send you a copy of one of the books for you to see and possibly review? Your choice, naturally. I’d really appreciate your opinion and suggestions as to how next to proceed.

Ethel: Self-portrait in the Mirror Maze, Royal Shakespeare Company Theatre, Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire, England

PAN: Get those Amazon listing links uploaded now Ethel

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