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View: Latest recovery and preservation digitisation project by Australian Television Archive

PAN reader James Paterson who is Archive Manager and owner of the Australian Television Archive has sent us his latest film preservation job:

‘The Australian Television Archive in association with The Lost Media Wiki is proud to announce the recovery and subsequent preservation digitisation of Noddy and the Moon. (1956). As with many of the others in the series, this episode was also previously considered lost. A preservation scan of the original film was made frame by frame at 2K resolution and now over 50 years later it has been made available to the public above.’

The Australian Television Archive is a private business, (not government funded) not to be confused with the NFSA which is government backed.

James who has 25 years of experience in the industry and at least 20 years in the archive/digitisation field offers two main areas of services: Archival Film & Video Digitisation / Recovery /Preservation and Archive Stock Footage / Research and Access.

James told PAN: “The digitisation side provides specialist services for recovering archive footage from either film or video based formats, have a fleet of rare and obsolete domestic and broadcast videotape equipment which (unlike most other facilities) is all serviced and maintained “in-house”  (by myself personally).  So the person you speak with from start to finish is the one that digitises/recovers the footage, and also maintains the equipment!

“Another rarity is that I have invested in research and development to re-manufacture parts that are long unavailable to keep the fleet of original equipment going.”
“Our clients are basically anyone, general public, through to broadcast / tv stations / production houses or content owners who wish to preserve/digitise or recover their content and secure for the future.”

“The digitisation side has been responsible for recovery/digitisation of much historic material, recent recovery jobs include”:

Floyd on OZ  (UK Keith Floyd Cooking Series) – this series was made for the UK market and aired there, This was Floyds first series after parting ways with the BBC,  the master 1 inch tapes were considered “lost” until they turned up recently, they required substantial treatment to recover the images due to moisture/mould damage.

Young Talent Time  (Australian TV series)   Digitisation/recovery of all surviving episodes

AC/DC King of Pop:  Recovery of the previously lost 2″ videotape mater recording of the 1975 AC/DC Australian king of pop performance included in the 2006 AC/DC DVD release, “plug me in”

Australian Commonwealth Games:  (Edinburgh 1970, and other material dating back to the 1930’s) (see recent publicity)

Make sure you look him up for your next preservation project!

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