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Watch: Clive Barda Photographer – Movie Trailer

“Clive Barda”, a new 70 minute movie about the photographer by the film maker Philippe Monnet. The full movie will be shown at “Exposure!”, a 100 image retrospective of Clive Barda’s photographic career, touring major China opera venues in 2012.
Clive’s images are licensed by UK based photo library ArenaPal, they say: “Congratulations and applause to leading performing arts photographer Clive Barda for sharing in a forthcoming documentary the passion, commitment and knowledge that is required to achieve world class imagery. Widely acclaimed by many of the major artists he has photographed over the last 40 years, this is a fantastic show case and the ultimate answer to those who minimize the inate skill of the professional photographer.” See the stills used in the making of the movie at ArenaPal

Come and meet ArenaPal at fotofringe London April 26