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Watch: Kanye West – full respect for French Paparazzi – unlike the LA lot

StormShadowKANYE WEST2
click it ↑ Great -exclusive- footage here from French celebrity video agency Storm Shadow – Kanye West approaches the paparazzi in Paris telling them he respects how the French paparazzi go about their job and are at home after 8pm …unlike the LA pap… and watch to the end as a French woman walks past the scene and asks the pap who they are photographing ..awkward.

Storm Shadow say: ‘We spotted the American singer and Fashion Designer Kanye West arriving at APC in Paris. Without asking any question, he told us about the difference between American Paparazzi and French Paparazzi. Our Paparazzo even had the chance to get his hand shaked by the “biggest Rockstar” today’
Watch the ‘respect’ here: KANYE WEST wants to TALK more about the French and American Paparazzi