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Watch: Stoddart Dench & Sullivan In Conversation – The Video

Dench: I grew up where books mattered. As a photographer, the holy grail for me was, in 1990, a book and an exhibition.
Stoddart: It still is, even more so, because you’re not going to get 20 pages in the Sunday Times Magazine…photographers have to find different ways of getting their work in front of people…the number one thing is to be in the industry and find ways of getting your work out there that people want to see, no matter how you do it.
Dench: I call it “diversify or die.”
Last night the Getty Reportage team hosted a presentation and discussion at the Frontline Club in London between photographers Tom Stoddart, Peter Dench, and Aidan Sullivan, Getty’s Vice President of Assignment. Stoddart and Dench discuss their distinctive projects and their experience of photographing diverse subjects. Sit back and watch the full – 90 minutes – discussion above.