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Nature Picture Library

Lions (Panthera leo) five drinking together, Ndutu, Tanzania © Wim van den Heever

for images and inspiration from the natural world

Nature Picture Library covers every aspect of the natural world – animal portraits and behaviour, landscapes and travel, pets, plants, indigenous peoples, and environmental issues, representing more than 400 leading wildlife and nature photographers worldwide. We have 600,000 hi-res images searchable online, including both stills and footage, and specialist staff to assist in your search. We produce features, book ideas and calendar concepts, and also represent Wild Wonders of Europe, Meet Your Neighbours, 2020VISION, SCOTLAND: The Big Picture and the Bluegreen Pictures collection of marine and maritime imagery.
Nature Picture Library is UK agent for the renowned Minden Pictures collection.

The NPL collection includes many rare and endangered species, images taken in extreme and inaccessible locations, and photos obtained by using specialist techniques such as high-speed, night vision and remote camera photography. Nature Picture Library Limited is based in Bristol, close to the world-renowned BBC Natural History Unit. We represent many of the cameramen and producers working for the Unit and our collection includes many unique and unusual images relating to wildlife films.

We actively support conservation by making regular donations from our sales revenue to a small charity or specific project which is making a difference. We choose a different charity every three months, so just by licensing images from Nature Picture Library, you can make a difference!

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