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Tom Jacobs: Shooting the live YouTube KSI v Logan Paul fight – only two press photographers turned up

Boxing – KSI v Logan Paul – Manchester Arena, Manchester, Britain – August 25, 2018 Logan Paul in action against KSI © REUTERS/Tom Jacobs Boxing – KSI v Logan Paul – Manchester Arena, Manchester, Britain – August 25, 2018 General view inside the arena ahead of the fight Action Images via Reuters/Tom Jacobs – RC1648684D10

Great sports photo industry story here on our new dedicated  Sports Photography industry news page … PAN reader photographer Tom Jacobs who was one of the only stills photographers to attend the biggest live YouTube boxing event (KSI v Logan Paul) at Manchester Arena on Saturday night. The images he shot for Reuters were used worldwide on Sunday. Cracking effort!

Photographer Tom Jacobs

We asked Tom how he came to set up the shoot and what occurred on the night:

How did you land up at the event last night?
I contacted the head of the UKI picture desk explaining that I saw this as a great story. 2 people who have built their careers from posting videos on YouTube can sell over 15,000 tickets and draw in 750,000 viewers on Pay-Per-View. It is a new generation of entertainment.

What equipment were you using?
I used a Canon 1D-X along with a 300mm.

What was access and facilities like for the press at the event?
I didn’t manage to make any contact with anyone dealing with press and was left totally to my own devices apart from being told I could only shoot from the balcony.

Did the TV cameras take priority? – what were YouTube using to shoot the Live broadcast?
I wouldn’t say they took priority as there were plenty of official photographers ringside. I did have to deal with a swinging TV camera that often encroached on our view of the ring. (Pictured below)

© REUTERS/Tom Jacobs

Were you allowed to update your social feeds from the event live?
Yes I would of been allowed but simply did not have the time to do so! Things move very fast in boxing you have about 30 seconds between each round to go through your pictures and select some to send.

Did you edit the images from the event or back to Reuters pic desk?
All I had to do was select the appropriate images and ftp to the desk where they imaged and captioned the pictures getting them out to the client as quick as possible

Here is how the images were used around the world The Times, The Guardian, The Sun, The Mail, The Washington Post, The Telegraph and on BBC Breakfast

Thanks Tom, can we see a few of your favorite from your portfolio:

General view as lightning strikes over the city of London, Britain May 26, 2018.October 16, 2017. REUTERS/Tom Jacobs
Soccer Football – International Friendly – Netherlands vs England – Amsterdam, Netherlands – March 23, 2018 England fans and Police Action Images via Reuters/Tom Jacobs

View more from Tom on his Instagram page – @tomjacobs92

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