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COVID-19: How’s the agency doing? The Picture Pantry

Here at PAN we are in communication all week long with lots of photos agency owners both stock and editorial discussing how their business is under COVID-19

This is what Craig Holmes – owner at food stock photo library The Picture Pantry told us:

Hi Will,

Stock sales are definitely up in the last month (March), both from existing clients, and interestingly, new corporate clients.

We are also seeing a lot of understandable fear from photographers in places that are hardest hit, such as Italy, Spain and now the US. It is a terrible situation really, so we have offered to pay any photographers their earnings in advance of any sales – basically, they can have what they need to eat now, and hopefully their images will generate sales in the coming year to replace those funds going out.  We’ve only offered it today, and we think most photographers won’t need any help from us, but we do have some in distant and remote places that don’t have the best healthcare, and it is those we are a little concerned for.

That was a long answer for a short question – sorry! Basically, we have seen an uplift in sales, but we are putting that aside for any photographers who need it.

I hope you are keeping well.


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