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COVID 19: United Archives – How’s the photo agency doing now?

Almost six months on we have been back to the photo agencies who participated in our COVID-19: How’s the photo agency doing? features to ask how are they doing NOW?

Today Frank Nikolaus Golomb at United Archives reports:

When we started to have a view on the effect on our business, I was clear that the next month will give a clearer picture. We analyze our data very deeply and see traffic, different channels in different areas of activity, different effects on different assortments and all this not only affected by corona, but also the summer vacations, tactics in pricing and  – the google licensing badge.

So right now since mid August, we see a drop over all, but I assume this is a seasonal effect, because the traffic data is going up since early September.
But some assortments have a drop, which can not be explained by the summer. 

Stock is down by more than 50%, Arts even more by 70%. Both are not our specialty, but this development is influenced by huge channel partners and should be realistic. On the other hand – some of our totally owned collections are constantly growing. 

Of course Google licensing badge directs traffic to some of our partners, what is clearly an effect in Q3 and the majority indexed there is totally owned. 

We see channel partners growing and others shrinking in a volume of 50% partly. My idea is that this is an effect linked to home office and an existing short list of “some” suppliers which are used by editors working from home. So deep specialists win, very large suppliers too, and all what my professor at University called “Middle of the road”- offers are going down. 

If this trend will continue, we have the next consolidation of the industry just around the corner.

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