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2nd Reuters photojournalism grant program opens

A jet of water from a police water cannon is released on demonstrators during an anti government rally, as Chile’s President Sebastian Pinera delivers a speech inside the National Congress in Valparaiso, Chile June 1, 2018. © REUTERS/Rodrigo Garrido – Image supplied.

Last year Reuters launched a photojournalism grant program  which worked very well  – 8 recipients landed the chance to shoot an assignment with $5000 from the grant pool each including an exposure boost by having the work distributed globally on Reuters platforms.

Good news!  – Reuters have decided to run a second round of grants:

The grant should be used to support photo assignments and projects that will advance the recipients’experience, skills and ability to tell new stories. Pictures taken by recipients as part of their grant project will be distributed globally on Reuters platforms.
Yannis Behrakis, Reuters photojournalist and Senior Editor, Special Projects, will advise and mentor grant recipients. Yannis is well known for his coverage of the European migrant crisis and was part of a team of Reuters Pictures photographers awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Breaking News Photography for their coverage of the crisis in 2016.
”We had an incredible response to the inaugural program in 2017 and we’re delighted to be offering thegrants again this year,” said Reuters Global Editor of Video and Pictures John Pullman. “We want to attracttalented young photojournalists from around the world who can tell original human stories from newperspectives. We look forward to reviewing the applications.”

Get on the grant proposal list:

• Applicants must be between the ages of 18-35, and must be either studying photojournalism or working professionally in the activity. They must submit a CV and a 35-50 picture portfolio (JPEG format) of both single images and multi-image stories. Applicants must also submit a detailed cover letter explaining a project or idea to use the grant. A focused project about a subject in a community or location close to you that you can reasonably complete in a few weeks or months is advisable.
• Application and grant period
• Application period: September 4, 2018 to November 15, 2018. Grant period: January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019.

How to apply:
Share a Dropbox folder with Successful candidates will be contacted by Yannis Behrakis.

View the fist grants photographers here





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