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$3M seed funding to photo agency Luupe helps expand platform

Congrats to Luupe photo agency founder and CEO Keren Sachs who has attracted serious investment to the agency to the tune of $3M.

Luupe say: Seed funding from Wave and Freestyle will help The Luupe expand its mission to streamline global content creation and generate income for photographers.

The creative economy, while catering to every brand’s needs, often leaves artists behind once the work is finished. There is friction in the process of connecting brands to photographers who can authentically reach their audience. And until now, opportunities to network beyond a single job have been limited.

Today, we’re excited to announce our seed round at The Luupe to help brands collaborate with photographers and to help these photographers generate guaranteed income. As a dual-sided marketplace, sophisticated brands have access to a burgeoning creative pool of women and non-binary creators.

Keren who has worked at photo agencies including Trunk Archive and Shutterstock since 2008 set up Luupe in 2019 said:

“Two years ago it started with an idea. After decades in the photo industry, I set out to build a community to connect women creators and help them generate income. It began with 40 photographers who I had known over the years, today that community is The Luupe

I’m thrilled to announce we have closed a $3M seed round led by Sara Adler / Wave with participation by Jenny Lefcourt / Freestyle. In the last 24 months we have grown to over 500 photographers in 44 countries, and are working with incredible brands that believe in the power of diverse images that resonate with a global audience.” 

• Good work Keren and the Luupe team …looking forward to reporting more on PAN soon!

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