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About The Image now representing the George Rodger photo collection

My photo management company – About The Image – went live a few weeks ago – here’s an update:

April 2016: One of the first to take up ATI for representation and management is the George Rodger photo collection. We are representing the collection for commercial enquires and special projects.
George Rodger 1905 – 1995. ‘Known as “The quiet Englishman” because of his self-effacing demeanour, George Rodger described himself as a dreamer who took up photography to see what the world had to offer beyond his horizons. This exploration would take him into desert, jungle, war and many parts of the world. And in 1947 he would join Robert Capa, Henri Cartier-Bresson and David (Chim) Seymour in establishing the renowned photographic agency Magnum Photos.’

SUDAN. Kordofan. The Nubas. The keyhole entrance to a Nuba house in the Korongo Jebels (mountains). Doorways are shaped to allow admittance to people carrying loads of firewood on their heads. 1949.
George on assignment

TANZANIA. Children form the Wagogo tribe wear special headgear for the circumcision ceremony. 1947. SOUTH AFRICA. Basutoland(Lesotho). Young Basuto boy wrapped in blankets against the cold on the Thaba Bosiu (Mountain of the Night). 1947.
In 1868 Sir Philip Woodehouse, Govenor of of the Cape Colony wasauthorised to recognise King Moshesh and his Basuto followers as British Subjects. Therby Basutoland became the first of the High Commission territories in South Africa to some under colonial rule. In the past Basutoland was the scene of much tribal fghting, centering around the mountain of Thaba Bosieu (Mountain of the Night).

About The Image Call: Will Carleton UK: 07802437827 Mail: [email protected]
If you would like your photographic collection managed – from choosing a photo library for licensing to print and book projects call as above.

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