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AI is starting to eat your pie: AI credited illustration spotted in airline magazine

The AI credited Illustration – spotted by motion graphic designer Richard Borge. Image ©Richard Borge

Well, here it is, …the first one we’ve seen, an illustration credited to AI in a print magazine.

This one –above photo– was in the March edition of United Airlines inflight magazine called Hemispheres. The credit was spotted by Motion Graphic Designer Richard Borge who uploaded the image to his social media feeds saying: “Ouch!!! Spotted on United Airlines inflight magazine (Hemispheres) today. Being a freelance illustrator is hard enough already. This would typically be a $500 project. Please reconsider this strategy going forward, United Airlines”.

Richard kindly sent PAN the shot of the magazine page and his quote.

If you are not flying United this month here’s the magazine online …see Page 50

Interesting reading the comments on Richard’s post across his social feeds, it’s a whole debate! This is what PAN reader, seasoned creative photographer George Solomonides, sent us in an email this afternoon :

“At least it’s credited as such Will!

Check out Inge Schuster on Instagra . She very clearly states that she uses Midjourney AI but perfects images in photoshop. Some of it is lovely work and so long as the method is made clear I don’t have as much of a problem.”

Have your say on the debate – our comments box is open below.

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  • Far from the first one i’ve seen. In Belgium it is already very common in printed media to use AI generated images. In fact i’m under the impression that some magazines over here have fired their entire illustrator staff…

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