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Alamy conducts worldwide work from home drill – Coronavirus

Today the worldwide staff at photo agency Alamy are working from home in a planned drill to test their coronavirus self isolation or lockdown procedure.
All international offices (USA, AUS, UK, India) to work remotely today… THIS IS A DRILL PEOPLE!

One Alamy employee commented on a social platform: ”Top marks for #Alamy – staying ahead of the game and testing capability for ALL staff across This is just a drill, but proves that if you get your in-house tech right, the whole business can operate as normal without being tied to the office desk. This not only protects us from disruption due to #coronavirus self isolation, but longer term opens up recruitment possibilities that are not bound by that old enemy of top talent acquisition: “Geographical location”. Shout out to Nick Hollingshead for taking on the IT challenge head on.’

PAN called the diverted Alamy UK office number this morning to find out how the home drill was going: A ‘very relaxed‘ Commercial Director Alan Capel told us: “Like most businesses we’re working on our contingency planning to ensure we can continue to function normally during the coronavirus outbreak. It’s very much business as usual and nothing out of the ordinary. We’re a well-equipped digital business, that embraces flexibility, but we were keen to make sure all our people across the globe are practised at homeworking should it be needed.”

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