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APA delivers draft guidelines around the use of Generative AI in documentary films

APA co-founders Stephanie Jenkins, Rachel Antell and Jennifer Petrucelli at Getting ReaL. Photo ©ANA

PAN has been following the Archival Producers Alliance APA work around AI over the last few weeks and now they are really ramping up activity to draw up guidelines around the use of Generative AI in documentary films. The APA told PAN yesterday: ‘We plan to start getting endorsements for the guidelines from filmmakers, production companies and industry organisations in the next week or so, and then will publish them in late June.’

Here’s the latest from the APA: Draft Guidelines & Getting Real.

We gathered in Los Angeles at the Getting Real festival, and were joined by expert panelists from ITVS, the Ford Foundation, and WILLA to discuss our work. We invite you to watch our discussion of the draft here.

Please reach out to us if you would like to give feedback on the yet-unpublished guidelines and we will send you the current copy. Our plan is to revise through mid-May, and then reach out to filmmakers/production companies for endorsements of the document. We are on track to publish our guidelines on our website by mid-June, 2024.

Getting a draft of the Guidelines out into the documentary community has given us a taste of how important this work is, and how important it will continue to be in our ever-evolving tech and media landscape. It’s become clear that this work will reach far beyond non-fiction films. We hope our work will be a useful tool for the documentary community to combat misinformation, and to maintain faith in an art form that has been an essential part of education and for speaking truth to power.

• Running the Archival Producers Alliance is a fully volunteer effort, and we are in need of support to continue our work in a way that will adequately serve our community. No amount is too small. If you or anyone you know would like to fund our efforts, we ask you to share information about our organization and to be in touch with any questions. 

IDA acts as our fiscal sponsor, and donations are tax deductible. You can Donate here.

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