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At the photo libraries: Dreamstime protect | Mary Evans Ukraine | Storm Stock twister

Dreamstime has launched its own copyright tracking tool called LicenseGuard to help protect their 185 million images from approximately 875,000 contributors.
Notices sent to infringers include Dreamstime’s specially designed Universal Royalty-Free and Extended licenses that grant post-usage permission for unlicensed media in use. The agency expects a high success rate in solving its copyright infringement claims by supplying this license rather than just the traditional monetary settlement, often perceived as aggressive copyright enforcement.

Mary Evans Picture Library has updated the library logo in support of Ukraine.

Good work!

Storm Stock founder and cinematographer Martin Lisius captured the massive Salado, Texas tornado last week, April 12, on DCI 6K with his RED Komodo camera. “The challenge on that day was to find the needle in the haystack,” Lisius said. Several storms formed in a cluster over Central Texas, with as many as 10 at one point. Lisius was able to forecast and intercept the “right” one. “The Salado storm was one of the last to form,” he said. “To me, it was simply in the best air and was destined to produce a tornado.” Successful tornado intercepts require careful forecasting techniques that take years to develop. Lisius has been doing it for over 35 years. “I do my best tornado forecasting when I am relaxed and let myself become part of the atmosphere. That’s when I can visualize what it’s going to do. I can actually see the storm and where it’s at before it even forms.”
View the Salado supercell and tornado here!

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