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Attend – International Women’s Day 2024 Press Photography panel talk, 8 March, London – The BPPA

The British Press Photographers Association, BPPA, will host a panel talk on Friday 8th March at The Frontline Club, London. Part of the series ‘Assignments LIVE’.

They say: ‘We are assembling leading professionals in the field to participate in a photography-focused discussion. Our aim is to delve into the evolving role of a Press Photographer, analysing the landscape of 2024 amidst challenges such as Artificial Intelligence, the decline in newspaper print sales, the growing demand for digital content, shifts in the political sphere, and international conflicts. We will also explore the pertinent question of whether press photography still maintains its significance. Spoiler alert: Yes, it unquestionably does! Join us as we uncover the reasons behind its enduring importance.’

On the panel:

Sarah Lee, Photographer
Lucy Young, Photographer
Chloe Knott, Photographer
Helen Healy, Picture Editor
Sarah Tilotta, Photographer and Photo Editor

Tickets and info available here.

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