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Book and Show: George Rodger Nuba & Latuka – The Colour Photographs

George Rodger Nuba & Latuka – The Colour Photographs Text by Chris Steele-Perkins & Aaron Schuman

I am very pleased to announce About The Image has completed another book project with Jon Rodger – son of Magnum Founder George Rodger on a new book from George’s photo archive – Nuba & Latuka – The Colour Photographs
Our first project together was a short photo essay Land Rover 1950’s book with publisher Cafe Royal Books. That successful project then lead Jon to show me the colour negatives from George Rodgers famous Nuba tribe journey  – George shot Black and white – colour and shot a cini film on the 1948-49 trip. Jon felt these images were largely unseen and would sit well in a dedicated book. We took the idea to publisher Prestel took up the idea, producing and printing the book with real passion for the photographs – thanks Andrew and Curt, great job! Thanks also to photographer Chris Steele-Perkins for writing the forward and to writer Aaron Schuman who visited the Jon and Jinx researching his text for the book.

I was with Jon at his home when the first copy arrived – below-

Jon’s family pup Nessie approves the book


First look at the cover


Jon absorbs the brilliant work Prestel have done on printing the colour photos


Jon and I clearly pleased with the production!

Legendary photographer George Rodger was one of the co-founders of Magnum. The book contains never before published or seen colour photographs of The Nuba and The Latuka tribes of Sudan. This classic colour series is an an amazing study of early colour photography.

Get your copy here Nuba & Latuka – The Colour Photographs

Find more George Rodger images here

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You can view the images from the book now at the Serena Morton Gallery in London’s Ladbroke Grove until 23rd June.
Here are a few shots I took at the exhibition opening last week – May 11 – hosted by the very efficient David Hill at the Gallery – Thanks again for a smooth evening!

Jon Rodger shoots George Rodger’s wife Jinx at the Serena Morton Gallery opening


David Hill explains the process to printing George’s 1940’s colour transparencies for an exhibition guest.

Photo call! R-L Jon Rodger, David Hill of Serena Morton, Jinx Rodger, Andrew Hansen of Prestel


Jinx and I discussing our favourite George colour photograph – caught on camera by Jon Rodger


Ruth Hoffmann of Magnum catches up with Jinx Rodger outside the busy gallery opening


Jinx Rodger taking in the exhibition

Get your copy here Nuba & Latuka – The Colour Photographs

Find more George Rodger images here

All article photos ©


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