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Copyrights to clear: Photographers Paul Cordes and Will Weissberg

UPDATED 6 AUGUST 2019: This Paul Cordes (1893-1979) photo and more info on the photographer has been sent to me from the Smith College Museum of Art, Northampton, MA who are also looking for any info ….read the new details and continued research on our Press Photo History project


First published 5 APRIL 2017: A UK arts institution is looking to clear copyrights of photographers Paul Cordes (1893–1979) and Will Weissberg. They both worked in New York in the 60s.

Answers on an email please [email protected]

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  • We are looking for information about Will Weissberg – regarding photos he took of Hanya Holm and her choreography Trend in 1937. Any information would be helpful.

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