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David King Collection (Russian history) now available at Tate Images

Caption: A Soviet wartime propaganda poster. The text reads, “Forward! Victory is Close at Hand!” ,1944. Vatolina, Nina/David King Archive

Tate Images are now licensing 400 images from the the David King Collection. The collection which was acquired by Tate London was is made up of over 250,000 photographs, books, journals, posters, documents and newspapers dating from the Russian Revolution to the Khrushchev era. It also includes material from the Weimar Republic, the Spanish civil war, American labour organisations and Mao’s China.

Caption: Portrait of a contemplative Joseph Stalin. David King Archive


Tate Images say: “We are excited to launch over 400 images from the collection, all previously published in Tate publications, Red Star Over Russia and Russian Revolutionary Posters. Further images will be made available in due course.”

Caption: Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov, Lenin and Leon Trotsky in Red Square during the celebration the second annniversaty of the Russian Revolution. November 7, 1919 ,November 7, 1918 L.eo Ya. Leonidov/David King Archive



  • Would it be possible that someone give me a contact for the David King Collection? The website,, doesn’t function properly and it’s impossible to get any e-mail or phone number. I’d like to sk for copyrights for some images from the collection that I’d like to use in an article.
    I would be grateful for your help!

  • […] New Request: Dear Sirs,attached you will find a PDF of our publication in our magazine SPIEGEL EDITION Russland, issue 3 2020, page 95.The Edition run is 45.600. The credit is: David King CollectionI find out, that you might be the right contact to fee this publication.If I am right, can you please send me an invoice of Euro 80 to get the publication payed.Solved – this collection is held by the Tate as highlighted on PAN in 2016 […]

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