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Depositphotos forecasts 7 creative and design trends for 2024

Watch the promo: ‘In 2024, creators will achieve coherent aesthetics through visual details peculiar to a specific lifestyle, fictional story, or decade. And atmospheric palettes and images will help set the mood.’

Photo agency Depositphotos have released what trends they believe will drive media content usage in 2024
The seven are:
Trend 1. Back to the streets
Trend 2. A way with words
Trend 3. Core wave
Trend 4. Retro yet timeless
Trend 5. Personality, not gender
Trend 6. The dimensions game
Trend 7. Life, work, hybrid

They say: 2024 design trends, as well as trends in communication, marketing, and creativity will reflect the state of the world we live in.

References to street culture of the 70s-90s will appear in ads and digital designs together with hints of stealth wealth. Trending designs will more often communicate messages with text only, however, we’ll also see more projects aimed to blend realities, styles, and dimensions.

Millennials and Gen Z will continue to set most graphic trends in motion by being active on TikTok and Instagram. As a result, in 2024, we’ll spot numerous aesthetics emerging, coinciding, and flagging quickly; this phenomenon will become a trend in itself.

View the trends explainers, browse the content and download the 2024 report here.

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