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Dreamstime photo agency increases contributor royalties by 10%

Some good news for stock photo producers at last from the very proactive Dreamstime who are upping their contributor royalties by 10%.

They say: As we begin to experience the economic aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dreamstime believes businesses should rise to this momentum’s challenge and develop innovative strategies for active involvement. Corporate responsibility remains the handiest mechanism through which businesses can act and as you know, we have been directing 5% of our sales to the WHO Solidarity Response Fund since March. We are happy to have contributed in a small way to such a large scale effort.

At the same time, we are aware that while social distancing was imperative for saving lives, our contributors lost job opportunities and part of their revenue. It is time we turn to what we now perceive as a vulnerable creative community and put into practice other initiatives, mainly a relief stimulus. 

This means that financial aid will be now employed for a more community-centered strategy. For you, this means that all purchases beginning with June 1st will reward an extra 10% increase in the royalties value for all downloads, regardless of the exclusive or non-exclusive status. For clarity, a download that now awards 50% royalties will award 55% after the increase.

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