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Photos: Fotofringe London 2015 + event roundup and 2016 date announced

fotofringe London took place on Thursday 23 April – photo buyers visited over 100 photo agencies at Kings Place.

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Fotofringe organiser Flora Nedelcu of Topfoto says: “Our 5th successful fotofringe proves there’s demand for a simple “live” event to provide that extra zing to the year. The cluster effect of the agencies and researchers gathering together for a single productive (and great fun) day of discovery and networking strengthens our respective industries and all our projects in this image-driven age. On behalf of all the exhibitors, I’d particularly like to thank Bikinilists and PhotoArchiveNews who do so much in support of our efforts to share news of our collections and innovations; and also BAPLA for supporting the vital time-saving lunch-in-a-bag (which has generated many appreciative comments in the feedback!).”

Fotofringe this year saw 590 advance visitor registrations and lots of last minute arrivals which saw the welcome desk hand-writing their badges (picture buyers: do book well in advance next year! It’s free, no obligation, and saves you precious time on the day).

Feedback from the exhibitors is that they were busy, especially those who had made appointments, and most important of all, the conversations and meetings were hugely productive and interesting. “An excellent Fotofringe – we had a steady stream of visitors and made some great new contacts. So big thanks!” John Birdsall Social Issues Photo Library

And from the visitors: “Well done for arranging such a great event again. It’s so lovely to see such a good turnout. I managed to talk to a lot of people – but I had to resort to putting a note under Jean at FLPA’s nose to get her attention as she was talking every time I went past.” Freelance, by email

Next year’s fotofringe is already booked in at Kings Place for Wednesday 20 April 2016, any agencies wishing to make a provisional advance registration, please let Flora and the team know – [email protected]

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The 5th fotofringe London event took place 23 April – photo buyers visited over 100 photo agencies Kings Place.
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All fotofringe event photos @Robert Piwko
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View fotofringe reaction on twitter during the day #fotofringe

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“And I tell you, some of them have them that big!”

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View fotofringe reaction on twitter during the day #fotofringe
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All fotofringe event photos @Robert Piwko
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The fotofringe London welcome team.

All fotofringe event photos @Robert Piwko

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Flora thanks to Exhibitors and Sponsors @Alex Hewitt – Will tucks into a healthy fruit cocktail breakfast @Alan Smith
• View fotofringe reaction on twitter during the day #fotofringe

Huge thanks again to Ross MacRae at BikiniLists for providing the exhibitors after-event refreshments: Cheers Ross!
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