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Event photos & roundup: Photojournalism Nights

Event organiser, photographer Cintzia D’Ambrosi, reports: The second edition of the Photojournalism Nights at Elephant West gallery in London was met with an engaged audience, inspirational and talented guest photographers presentations, keynotes by Emma Perfect, global head of diversity and inclusion at Soho House, media partner Photo Archive News, networking and conversations till late at night at the bar/lounge of eclectic Elephant West gallery and the opportunity to bring home one of the donated photographs from the photographers printed with the support of Genesis Imaging UK.  I could not ask for a better night to present and showcase powerful long form photojournalistic projects exposing, reflecting and questioning the current political climate through the notion of European identity and Belonging.  Presentations began with Claudia Leisinger with her project Europe Revisited documenting the lives of Roma families living in stark poverty in Serbia which questions the distribution of welfare and resources in Europe. Her presentation was followed by that of Pete Boyd, whose work more directly looks at the way we find  ‘belonging’ through a tribal grouping whether that is as a result of being passionate about the same football club or being having a good time at the same night club, then to Sukhy Hullait who for 100 days documented  in various cities in the UK, the opinions and feelings of people towards Brexit. Finally we had the presentation of Quetzal Maucci, whose work looks at the lives of children of immigrants in the States and currently in the UK demonstrating the universality of those people caught in-between belonging and not.  Four people won a photograph each from the raffle tickets and went home with a wonderful piece. This was made possible by the donation of the guest photographers and by Genesis Imaging which have supported this event.  There were a lot of questions at the Q&A and I am guessing much more later as people stayed behind till late conversing and getting to know each other.
The Photojournalism Nights are organised to bring together photojournalists and share their work, discuss the topics presented but also connect, engage in a meaningful way to important topics whilst support the photojournalists which often put their lives at risk in doing this.  The Photojournalism Nights are run bi-monthly and the next date will be announced shortly.

PAN reader, Creative Researcher/Producer, Susi Paz told PAN: “I was blown away by the quality and the spirit of the night. Everyone who presenting their images did it with love and dignity to the subjects they had shot. Events like this make me excited to be part of such a thriving creative community.”

View the presenting photographers work here

PAN is Media Partner to the Photojournalism Nights.

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