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Fotofringe London opens tomorrow – Wednesday April 20 – for one day …be there


“We’re being bombarded with visitor registrations with growth particularly strong in book publishing, magazines, digital media of all kinds and television production which is great to see. Visitors from overseas are a welcome addition, with one France-based visitor writing “British agencies are the best!” That said, the strong showing from overseas exhibiting agencies, some who don’t even have an office in the UK, is a very positive development for fotofringe as we welcome collections from Canada, France, USA, Germany and Spain”. fotofringe London organiser Flora Nedelcu

• Publishing Picture Manager: “Why I Will Be Visiting Fotofringe London April 20”
• ‘Why I Will Be Visiting Fotofringe London’ – Alyson Whalley Freelance Picture Researcher

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Yes, we are providing a lunch again for all visiting photo editors, researchers and creative directors.

Lloyd will be there …

100 hundred photo libraries will be looking forward to welcoming you.

The whole of Kings Place is booked for the event – 3 floors holding millions of stock photos.
…hands out of your pockets this year please JB!

FOTOFRINGE 2014 @ Kings Place, London  22 May 2014  pictures by Robert Piwko /
Collect your registration badge and get visiting the 100 photo libraries – no excuses – register now …or just turn up on the day – we look forward to welcoming you.

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See the 2015 event
• All fotofringe images © Robert Piwko

Huge thanks again to Ross MacRae at BikiniLists who will be providing the exhibitors American style breakfast and the after-event refreshments: Cheers Ross!
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