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PAN exclusive: Future is digitising the Country Life photo archive – view the early results

Raw scan: Sandringham Livestock ©Country Life/Future Publishing Limited
Raw scan: Cranbourne Manor ©Country Life/Future Publishing Limited
Raw scan: Queens College Cambridge ©Country Life/Future Publishing Limited
Raw scan: Milton Village ©Country Life/Future Publishing Limited

PAN has been given an exclusive view of the stunning images starting to emerge from the Country Life magazine archives since the new owner, media group Future, started a full digitisation project scanning the whole collection. The images above are a selection of previews straight from the scanner.

80,000 images are available for licensing so far – samples below – including 700 houses, stately homes, and architecturally important properties via Future’s licensing arm Future Content Hub.

Country Life say: ‘Since it’s launch in 1897, Country Life has celebrated the British way of life, it’s countryside, properties, gardens and people. The archive is a treasure trove of content including historical buildings, beautiful landscapes and social events. Many of these photographs have appeared in the magazine pages but others haven’t been seen since they were received and the art desk set them aside for some long-forgotten reason… Now with the help of technology we are able to bring back the past and digitally scan the various formats – glass plate negatives, large format acetates, 35mm slides. The 130,000+ assets are now in the process of being scanned, unearthing glimpses into a bygone era and documenting British culture and historical heritage for the past 125 years.’

©Country Life/Future Publishing Limited
©Country Life/Future Publishing Limited
©Country Life/Future Publishing Limited
©Country Life/Future Publishing Limited

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