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How Kintzing agency provided new Durex ad with authentic stock imagery and bespoke shoot mix

PAN reader Oscar Bellville – founder at London based stock photo agency Kintzing – told me last year he was building a roster of cutting edge creative photo talent at the agency – well, he has, and the result is attracting big brands.
First up is a cracking creative creation – a stock and shoot project which went live this week in London for British condoms brand Durex.

Oscar told me this morning: “Hey Will, So, as promised here is a mini background on the Durex project which went live in London this week, to coincide with Valentines Day.”

“Durex came to us via Havas, wanting to transform their visual identity across digital media on a global scale. Their goal was to get away from conventional staged imagery and embrace a more authentic feel, to celebrate the diversity of their audience and reflect the real intimacy in which their products are used.”

“For us this was a dream brief that played directly to the strengths of our commercial licensing collection, which is all about representing the most real, authentic imagery shot by the next generation of photographers, a world away from traditional ‘stock’. So we were able to present Durex with a wide selection of existing imagery from our global network of photographers, showing ‘intimacy’ captured in different scenarios, cultures, orientations and with all ethnicities, body shapes and sizes included. The one constant was the need to show real moments of real intimacy.”

“Once we had curated a collection for Durex and arranged all model clearances, we then moved onto phase 2 which was commissioning further content shot by a selection of KINTZING photographers. Here we were able to setup shoots and fill any gaps of content for the client. We worked with our in house production team to find appropriate cast and locations, ensuring the moments we captured felt as true to life and candid as possible. To do this we worked with real couples and real environments, keeping the crew tight and approach stripped back, allowing us to create a relaxed set where the couples felt at ease.” 

“The results were brilliant, Durex ended up with 75 images covering a huge variety of models, locations and approaches. The campaign went live this week to coincide with Valentines day with our images being used everywhere from their social media through to bill boards in major cities all over the world. I hope you might catch a glimpse of them yourself and more importantly Happy Valentines day to all the lovers out there!”

• View the photo selection below followed by a shoot project quote from the Director of Art Buying at Durex creative agency Havas.

Andrea Walji – Havas – Director of Art Buying told PAN:

“When faced with a long asset list, we normally turn to the traditional, mass stock libraries. However when working on this Durex project, we really needed to source and create unique, bespoke imagery.”

“Kintzing presented us with the perfect blend of library and custom imagery. Through close collaboration with Kintzing, we chose some existing images from the Kintzing licensing archive and then commissioned the remaining images we needed to fill the gaps.”

“In this way we were able to achieve high end, beautiful imagery within the budget and time frame.”

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