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Industry People: Ex-Empics owner Phil O’Brien recovering from a Heart Attack – Report

I am pleased to report PAN friend, ex photographer and Empics photo agency owner, Phil O’Brien is doing well since suffering a heart attack at the end of a holiday in Martha’s Vineyard.
Phil’s friend photographer Peter Robinson told PAN he had heard Phil was unwell but had no further details ….so we investigated.

After an out-of-office reply Phil came directly back after a couple of minutes saying he was fine …except for the heart attack bit!

In true Phil style he’s brushed it off and is back working on his New York local-lifestyle magazine W42ST and he has run a full report on the experience … and the medical costs!

Take it easy Phil!

Martha’s Vineyard Vacation Ends with Heart Attack and Helicopter Ride

The last full day of our weekend break on Martha’s Vineyard started with a cycle ride from Edgartown to Oak Bluffs along a causeway between the two towns. I didn’t get to complete the ride — my next forms of transport were two ambulances and an emergency medical helicopter.

Three miles into the ride, we stopped to take in the view of the water. I regularly cycle around New York on a Citi Bike and was enjoying the lighter ride on the wheels we had hired. It did feel a bit cold though, and I mentioned to my partner Gwen in passing that it felt a bit like I was cycling uphill (even though you couldn’t get a flatter ride than the causeway).

We headed on and Gwen hit a pothole on the path and screamed, I hit the same pothole at an angle, jammed on the brakes, my feet hit the ground, the frame jammed into my legs and I hurtled into a bank shoulder first.  I was on my back feeling shook up, could tell that nothing was broken — but as I got up my shoulder was in real pain. I’d had a shoulder injury before, that had required surgery, so I knew how painful those injuries could be. As I went to sit on a nearby wall, the pain was making me nauseous, it was across my chest too and, looking up, everything was super bright.

We took stock, working out whether to call a car and get the bikes back to the hire shop or cycle on to Oaks Bluff.  After about 5 minutes, I was feeling more normal — just a little shaken up. The chain had come off my bike and we sorted that out and started to cycle on.

Within 200 yards, I felt really awful. I said to Gwen that I needed to stop. The nausea and pain had returned but much worse. We agreed that Gwen should call an ambulance while I worked out on the map where we were. Five minutes later the ambulance arrived and paramedics started to work their magic on me. They wired me up to an ECG and monitored as I had another attack as we rode to the hospital

Read Phil’s full report here

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  • I am so glad you made it. Have great recovery and try……. to slow down. Amities mon ami, cheers, Patrick.

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