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Industry People: Photographer Leon Neal wins at Getty Images staff awards – view News and Sport winners

Congratulations to Getty Images staff Photographer Leon Neal who picked up the EMEA News Videographer of the Year awards in the agency’s internal staff awards programme.
Leon celebrated his win via his Instagram feed. – saying ‘An unexpected result!’

Commenting on the awards, which were released internally to all Getty Images staff last Friday, Ken Mainardis, SVP Editorial told PAN: “These awards are an internal celebration to recognise the outstanding work carried out by the global Getty Images Editorial team each and every day. Every year they push themselves to new heights, employing wisdom, creativity and deep expertise to capture images never seen before or tell stories that would otherwise go untold. I couldn’t be prouder of the team and the value they contribute to Getty Images, our customers and the industry at large.”

Click it – Getty Images EMEA Sport Picture of the Year – 1stPlace by Ryan Pierse – AUGUST 19: “Ryan has impressively created an image that is barely visible to the human eye while also conveying the aesthetics, colour, and grandeur of a beautiful artwork. The world around the surfer Olivia Ottaway freezes at the moment the waves crash over her. The image exudes complete calm and balance, despite the display of one of nature’s greatest forces. Both organisationally and photographically, this image is not a mere product of chance. The planning for the project and the execution of this specific frame with the help of an underwater housing are the impressive result of hard work, dedication, and an understanding of the sport.”
– Matthias Hangst, Director of Sports Content EMEA & APAC.

Click it – Getty Images AMER News Picture of the Year – 1st Place by Mario Tama. APRIL 27: “Mario Tama’s photograph of California’s reemerging Tulare Lake is a striking image of our changing climate and landscape. It juxtaposes beauty with an ominous feeling of the unpredictable future we’re heading towards as climate change alters the world around us.”
Jerry Fiandaca, Senior Assignment Editor.

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