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Industry photographers: 21 year old Pete Summers starts with Rex/Shutterstock today

Pete: “I’m nowhere near as serious usually”

Over the weekend PAN spotted a tweet from 21 year old press photographer Pete Summers saying – ‘Brief update: After 4 years working across the country for SWNS I’ve now left. Joining the team at Rex/Shutterstock on Monday’.

Not bad going at 21! – so we said hello and found out a little more.

PAN: What will you be doing at Rex/Shutterstock?
Pete: “I’ll be shooting a lot more entertainment for Rex/Shutterstock than I was previously at swns. Still getting to shoot news as well though. During my 4 years at swns I worked at 3 different offices. Birmingham then Scotland then down to London.

PAN: Is it a staff job?
Pete: Yes

PAN: How and why did you get into press photography?
Pete: “Came about after I broke my back mountain biking when I was 14, started photography after that as a way to keep interested in the sport. I left school a year early to do the NCTJ course in Bournemouth and got my job at SWNS after completing that.”

We will be on the look out for the newspaper photo credits Pete.

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