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ITN safeguards news footage archive from AI threats

News company, ITN, has announced a smart safeguarding move by partnering with OpenOrigins taking a proactive move to preserve more than a million video clips of iconic news footage gathered since it was founded in 1955.

• OpenOrigins provides solutions to authenticate and secure “real” content, in the face of growing synthetic media.

The partnership will use OpenOrigins technology to validate every item in ITN’s vast archive and secure it on an online database, called a blockchain. This ensures that every piece of ITN content, both future and past will have an immutable point of provenance, giving it a proof of originality. 

“The ITN archive is a unique repository of Britain’s cultural history over 70 years and we are excited to be using new technology to protect this valuable asset. As the information ecosystem becomes increasingly polluted with synthetic material, news organisations will have to work hard to retain audience trust. Partnering with Open Origins allows ITN to reassure its viewers and clients by ringfencing the archive from future threats”, said ITN director of news distribution and commercial innovation, Tami Hoffman.

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