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Its a first: GIF photo library launches – the 3rd creative option for photo buyers

marinus ComeAliveImagesONPAN
© MARINUS / Come Alive Images

© CARY MILLER/Come Alive Images

A new stock photo library launched this week offering stock buyers a 3rd creative option: ‘GIFs in all their Wonderful Forms’.
Come Alive Images founders Jerry Tavin (winner of ASPP’s Picture Professional of the Year Award in 2008) and Joe Panker told PAN “Come Alive is dedicated to the commercial potential of GIFs—motion graphics, cinemagraphs, animated photography, looping illustrations and animation, 3D stereo photography and photo/video hybrids.”
Panker’s vision of a stock Cinemagraph, GIF marketplace was born out of need—a desire to license animated photography for his Jellyfish Advertising clients, and the difficulty in doing so in finding the right imagery, identifying artists and negotiating the licensing parameters.
The founders claim their offerings are a compelling alternative to traditional stock photos and video. These images are easy to consume and require no special coding or plug-ins to be viewed. Applications include websites, banner ads, email marketing campaigns, presentations and social media.

© PETRA ŠVAJGER / Come Alive Images

• Come Alive Images offers image licensing under rights managed terms.
• Buyers will license images through Come Alive’s US distributor Glasshouse Images.