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Kick start your next photo marketing campaign with 35,000 verified U.S. creative contacts + BikiniLists

If you are a reader based in the U.S. and need a decent contacts list to start you off on a marketing campaign for your photo library or photography business – PAN supporter BikiniLists (great name for marketing!) have 35,000 verified creative contacts to start you off. …and look out for the promo code at the bottom of this article.

Call Ross above or Get a Free trial here …and look out for the promo code below to max up on your first signup

Here’s what you need to know about email marketing with BikiniLists from their Managing Director Ross MacRae.

PAN: What do I get with a BL subscription?
Ross: Verified Names, Job Titles, Postal & Email Addresses for Art Buyers, Designers, Photo Editors and more in Ad Agencies, Publishing, Magazines, TV and Direct Corporate in countries you want new clients in.

PAN: Do I get UK?
Ross: We have International Lists… You want UK you got it!

PAN: What is the shortest time I can subscribe?
Ross: It’s a 1 year subscription – You need to regularly market to image buyers. There are no “one hit wonders” when it come to image marketing : )

PAN: Do you have any current Subscriber feedback?
Ross: Check out our testimonials page here

PAN: How many contacts?
Ross: Over 50,000 Hi-Protein image buyers worldwide and growing…
But the number that matters is the right number for you – and your images.

PAN: How regularly checked?
Ross: Every company re-verified every 90 days – every email re-verified every month – It’s fresh.

PAN: Do I need a ready-to-go campaign?
Ross: No we will help you at the way to set up and send your marketing campaigns – but if you do have one ready to go right now we can import that for you and make it better : )

PAN: What works best for a marketing email? a photo or words?
Ross: Both. Lead with 1-3 strong hero images and back them up with a 20 good words and a Call to Action. Simple.

PAN: Do I include my contact details on a campaign or direct people to my website?
Ross: Both. Let the image buyer click the images to go to your site to see more and also have the option of calling or emailing you direct.

PAN: How long does a typical marketing email take to set up …and send?
Ross: 1 hour to set up… 1 hour to schedule and send it out, at the right time in the right time zones.

PAN: How long should I wait to do any follow ups? by phone? or resend?
Ross: 24 hours. Strike while the iron is hot… they just saw your brand and your work – get on the phone!

PAN: How many times should I email prospective new contacts?
Ross: Every 6-8 weeks – providing you have something to show – which you will if you do this regularly throughout the year.

PAN: Should I edit the list or just send to all in a category?
Ross: Never email bomb image buyers – ALWAYS refine your list… time spent on list building is time very well spent.

PAN: OK – so how to I join?
Ross: Here
….and Ross has released a promo code for readers – quote PAN16 – when you get near to signing up to receive their deal of the month.

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