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Launched: Kintzing – a new-gen celebrity photo agency

Alexa Chung – by James D Kelly

Here at PAN we love editorial photography …and really love the celebrity photo arena – celebrity photography is one area of the industry which still commands decent salary-fees for freelance photographers.
So, Oscar, we enjoyed getting your phone call!  Oscar Bellville (photo below) officially launched a ‘new-gen’ celebrity photo agency called Kintzing this week (we looked him up – Kintzing is a family name) here’s what he told

“Kintzing has been created to connect the world’s most exciting new generation photographers with the cutting-edge brands, publications and agencies that are defining contemporary culture. Our portraiture gets you up close and personal with the key figures of our times while our candid event coverage pushes against the tide of generic, posed entertainment imagery by working with photographers who are part of the scene – influencers on the ground with the celebrities, capturing and sharing real moments and interactions. Our feeling is that the mass library mentality of traditional stock agencies has taken some of the passion and creativity out of photography; by bringing a fresh approach to image licensing we create content for brands and publications that truly engages the new wave of media consumer.”

Lana Del Rey – by Bella Howard – click the photo for the set

Bellville spent 10 years as an editor at Getty Images most recently managing Getty Images’ Assignment service and editorial content creation in South East Asia before hitting the industry on his own with – private investment backed – Kintzing. The agency provides celebrity portraiture and event photography to the creative industries through an exclusive roster of talent. ‘Through its network of photographers, Kintzing provides unique access to the celebrities and influencers of the moment, connecting its clients with the talent and social media audiences that drive engagement. At launch Kintzing will offer global image licensing across 22 key markets around the world, as well as bespoke event photography, management and distribution services.’

View and license the new-gen celebrity feed here

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