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Launched: Pixel Nest – stock photo sales tracker

Pixel Nest, a new app to track your photo sales across most photo agencies, launches this month from the developers of the StockAgent app launched back in 2014.

PAN caught up with Volker, the owner, who told us:
“I started in microstock photography back in 2011. My second passion is programming so I worked on a microstock contributor app in early 2014 and released the first version of StockAgent in Google Play in September 2014. StockAgent NX offers current sales at a glance for Stock Media artists and provides the status of your sales with more than 60 microstock agencies.”

Main features of the Pixel Nest app include:
• Badge Mode showing the sales on the App Icon.
• New sales give notifications with special cash sound when using the app widget on the home screen.
• Full statistics are presented in configurable graphs and exportable to PDF docs.
• Horizontal layout included.
StockAgent NX is a free (Android only) download which includes 7 free days of the premium subscription. 
Available languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Turkish, Indonesian, Russian, Chinese, Ukrainian, Thai.

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