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License-ready footage: Remastered Super 35mm film now 4K – stunning new storms uploading at StormStock

Cinematographer Martin Lisius, the owner at footage library StormStock, has just released a 167-clip collection of newly remastered Super 35mm film to 4K footage of weather and climate topics that include tornadoes, lightning, massive storm clouds, hurricanes (including Katrina), flooding and winter storms – watch the preview above!

We wanted to know some tech detail when scanning older film:
PAN: How does one remove spots caused by dust and hair from a film scan?
Martin: “One frame at a time. Some shots were 1000 frames long. I examined each one and removed imperfections using a ‘healing tool’ in Adobe Lightroom. The end result is a series of exceptional images that uniquely capture the beauty of Mother Nature.
“What makes this new footage unique is the fact it was shot on film. There’s nothing like it in the world. The cinematic quality of the image just comes out naturally.

“I spent the past 2 months remastering storm footage I shot on Super 35mm film from 1998 to 2008, this entailed taking the raw 4K film scan and removing the spots, then doing a re-colour.”

View and download preview clips and license this 35mm to 4K footage.

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