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Mega Agency CEO discusses ‘News from the Editorial Market’ – DMLA conference

Tom Tramborg

Mega Agency CEO Tom Tramborg is on the programme at the DMLA Conference this year (22-24 oct) where he will be among some of the leading lights from the digital media world on an open panel discussing News from the Editorial Market.

The panel description reads: ‘While the big stock photo agencies are battling for the bigger piece of the pie, a flurry of smaller startups have recently entered the editorial market. Does this mean there is a revival or are they battling for sparse leftovers? And, what does it mean for the stock photo industry in general? Is editorial the next big market?’

Tramborg, formerly a senior director at Getty Images, and head of Allover Press in Scandinavia, will join Jonathan Wells, Sipa USA and Ben Pfeifer, Shuttertock for the discussions. Among topics the panel will discuss are the continuing digital media revolution, stock photo pricing, and copyright infringement costs.
Tramborg told  “In a media-world of rapid change, It is not just the invention of a new idea that is important, but it is actually “bringing it to market” and putting it into practice – and exploiting it in a manner that leads to new improved services and systems that add value and improve quality for the photographer – and the client. It naturally involves technological transformation and innovative restructuring of existing models to achieve that. Looking forward to discussing whether it is the content provider or the content purchasers that comes first.”

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