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Mega partners Getty for ‘contributor initiative’

Celebrity photo agency The Mega Agency has announced an ‘exciting and unique sales opportunity for its loyal global contributor base through a brand new partnership with Getty Images.’

The deal will allow photographers contributing to Mega to select world rights when uploading non-exclusive content which will then be accessed by Getty Images customers.

An email about the new relationship sent to Mega’s contributing photographers and seen by PAN included this detail:

“This is an absolute win-win situation for Mega’s loyal contributors – and people are going to be seeing a lot more sales,” said Mega President and founder Kevin Smith.

“It gives photographers the best of both worlds. Mega will continue to sell Premium Exclusive, Exclusive and Non-Exclusive content to its current client base and agent network in the way that it always has done.

“Nothing will change in that regard”.

The email also contained this FAQ’s section:

Q) How will my images be sent to Getty Images?
A) Through one simple upload to Mega. Upload as normal. Selected images of your non -exclusive content will then be curated and sent to their editors by Mega staff.
Q) Will all my content be sent to Getty Images?
A) No. Getty has strict editorial guidelines which means some content may not be deemed acceptable to send.
Q) What will the byline be?
A) The byline will be (your credit)/Mega/GC Images/Getty Images
Q) Is speed of sending important?
A) Yes – speed in news reporting is crucial.
Q) Why are you doing this?
A) The opportunity to plug in to thousands and thousands of subscriptions alone means a massive amount of photographs will be published with clients we simply cannot reach or don’t have due to our current size of company or locked in subscriptions. Mega has been in business over three years. Getty Images has been in business for 25 years.
Q) Will this affect exclusives?
A) No. Exclusives will still continue to be handled carefully to get the highest sales globally.
Q) How will I be paid?
A) You will be paid as normal as per your contract.
Q) Will my content be available to be embedded?
A) No. Mega’s content is prevented from being shared on the Getty website
Q)  Will this apply to event content?
A) No, just Non-Exclusive content selected with World Rights
Q) Why Getty Images?
A) The sheer scale of Getty Images’ global spread and client base made this compelling.
Q) Why are you doing this?
A) It is a golden opportunity to reach customers we currently don’t have and sell a lot of images that go unsold at the moment.
Q) How will you select which images?
A) Images will be carefully selected and sets curated to be sent to them. Mega will be sending unique images to Getty Images.
Q) What about my archive – will that be sent?
A) Not currently but this could potentially happen in the future.
Q) How do I get involved?
A) If you upload content to Mega that is non-exclusive and has World Rights your content will be automatically selected. If you don’t currently give Mega World Rights consider changing your distribution settings.

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