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Mr Oringer is now Dr Oringer

Congrats to Shutterstock owner/boss Jon Oringer who went back to his old school this week to collect his Doctor of Science (Honoris Causa) at Stony Brook University Commencement.

Here are a few quotes from his speech…

  • “Today, I want to share three lessons I learned here at Stony Brook, which have served me well throughout my entrepreneurial journey. They are: Stay curious, take calculated risks, and embrace diversity. Stay curious, ask questions and make sure you get the answers; don’t be afraid to take calculated risks, but at the same time make sure you understand both the upside and the downside; and embrace diversity: only together can we truly make the world the best it can be. The most successful countries will be the ones that have immigration policies that attract, retain and truly embrace the smartest people on the planet, while at the same time serving those people most in need, wherever they may come from.”
  • “Stony Brook is, and always has been, very diverse and welcoming – and I know it’s one of the values that the university strives for.”
  • “For the curious like me, the one thing I always loved about Stony Brook was how accessible professors were. We have modeled Shutterstock in that same way – there are no office hours and people are free to find me (almost) anytime.”

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