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New photo agency launched: Female Perspective

A new UK-wide photo agency representing female photographers called Female Perspective has been launched by Brighton based photographer Tabatha Fireman. Having worked at numerous photo agencies as both photographer and assignment editor, and with a desire to redress the gender imbalance that currently exists in photojournalism, Tabatha, 44, set out to create a photo agency consisting of high-calibre women photographers.

Tabatha told PAN: “A female’s perspective is different to a male’s, not better or worse,  just different. It might evolve from the sensitive nature of a shoot, the moments chosen to be captured or purely the feel of the images, but our female intuition means we see things in a different way. And that’s what we want to share with you.
“There are so many talented female photographers out there and equally so many photo shoots that require a female angle. I’m very excited to be providing a simple and effective method of marrying these two elements by promoting the outstanding talent that we have and arranging a seamless service for our clients.”

• The agency currently represents highly renowned, professional women photographers: Shirlaine Forrest, Scarlet Page, Nicky Sims, Julie Edwards, Tina Korhonen, Tabatha Fireman, Hayley Madden and Gigi Umbrasaite. 


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