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New Photo Event: Photojournalism Nights – London May

PAN friend photojournalist Cinzia D’Ambrosi has asked me to choose a photo documentary to feature on PAN from her newly organised Photojournalism Hub nights programme. The first event is on 21 May 2019 at Elephant West in London.
The feature I choose will run shortly after the night.

Cinzia: “I am a freelance photojournalist who has captured the plight of refugees across Europe through my lens. I have witnessed and documented human tragedy; something we see on the news every day. Back in 1984, Kenyan cameraman Mohammed Amin’s powerful images shown across the World from Ethiopia prompted Bob Geldof to create Band Aid which raised millions for the Ethiopian famine relief. Just one example of how images can say more than words.”

“The Photojournalism Hub aims to raise the profile of photojournalism and become a showcase for stories through images that prompt social change. Activities will include workshops for aspiring photojournalists and, exhibitions, community projects and talks from experienced practitioners. I would like to invite you to the launch of the Photojournalism Hub where we will be explaining a little more about our objectives and provide you with an opportunity to get involved.”

Thank you Will, The Photojournalism Nights are the first stop for those that wish to engage and see committed and courageous photojournalism’, Here are the links to the selected projects for the night.

Rob Pinney:  ‘Calais, Belle Ma Ville’

James Hopkirk; ‘South London Stories’

Giovanna del Sarto: ‘A Polaroid for a Refugee’

Tavis Bohlinger’ ‘The Epileptic’

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