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New website: agefotstock – classifies the stock photo business into three sections

Spanish photo agency agefotostock has launched a brand new website. The new site offers their photo content in three sections  Press, Creative and Microstock.
The new Press & News section, they say, ‘provides an open and accessible approach to the business, as compared to the closed door policy of traditional press agencies where access to browse images is only allowed after formal and procedural registration. In this aspect, agefotostock welcomes a more modern concept, watermarking their images on the fly and making them available to anybody at any time.’

agefotostock say: When one analyzes the market for images, it is easy to see that the stock photography business seems to be classified into three image groups that clients can browse and license. Press and news images, creative photographs and a mountain of other visual content that goes from cheap to very cheap, defined as Microstock.
Alfonso Gutierrez, CEO of agefotostock, when asked about his company’s move to simplify the business into three primary segments and to push for a “global content offer” said: “We have seen the business change profoundly in recent years thanks to Internet functionalities that helped to transform it from licensing images at sustainable prices to one that’s now struggling to live out of licensing millions of images at few cents each and we had to do something about it. Our “global offer” – Press, Creative and Cheap Imagery in one single website offers convenience to a larger client base while giving new opportunities to many of our THP users and distributors.

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