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New feature packed website: Photo and reportage agency – laif

ddp owned photos and reportage agency laif have launched a great looking new website this week to highlight the photo services they provide – “in German only for the moment” they told PAN

• Photo desks note: The main archive site still exists, but has moved to the URL: (german/english).

For 40 years, laif has reported from the heart of current events. More than 400 photojournalists supply the agency worldwide. The agency told PAN “In order to convey this attitude more clearly to the outside world, we have developed a new visual identity together with the design studio EchoEcho. It is both a careful redesign, because we remember where we come from. But it’s also a bold evolution and rethinking of what already exists, because we’re open to the future and eager for what’s to come.”

laif comes from the world of high-quality photojournalism. That’s why the visual codes of the design are also taken from the language of newspapers and magazines: Our strong and energetic red – borrowed from the headline – now takes over the role of the printer’s ink and is used exclusively as a font color.
The light gray on which it stands mimics newsprint. The matter-of-fact typography forms the grid and structure in which the images find their positions – with the photos clearly in the foreground. For this has been our work for 40 years: to give outstanding photographers a stage.

Main features on the new site include:
• Introduction of new photographers
• Share Buttons for news and publications
• News ‘Neuigkeiten’ with Highlights from editorial and corporate shoots including interviews, exhibitions and books.
• New editorial photo features can be displayed with audio and video integration. View an example here.
• With Search field and Button ‘Neu im Archiv’ button enabling you to jump to the archive.

Take a look and a search – laif

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